Discover the fortified cities

The gunpowder fumes have long gone and the cannon roars have grown quiet; the fortified cities have done their jobs. In the 19th century, the waterline ceased to exist and many fortified cities directly demolished the ramparts and the gates, to make access easier. Yet, all of them still have beautiful, cosy, and historic centres. Discover the different fortified cities below.

Walking, cycling, and sailing routes

The Old Dutch Waterline has special cycling and walking routes to introduce you to its cultural heritage. The Old Dutch Waterline, which is predominantly located in the Groene Hart region (literally meaning ‘Green Heart’, a relatively thinly populated area located in-between the major Dutch cities), is worth seeing and experiencing, so go out there and discover the different routes.

Stories of the Old Dutch Waterline

There are many stories connected with the Old Dutch Waterline, in which Prince William III, who later acquired the title of ‘stadhouder’ played a big role. Like the story about Naarden, which was first conquered by the Watergeuzen (a group of rebels), subsequently by the Spaniards, William III, the French, and eventually by William III again. Or the story of Prince William III who did not realise that thaw could have big consequences; about the child he saved; or …

Zet de linie onder water

Onder water zetten

The history of the OHW

Where does the Old Dutch waterline originate from, who thought of the idea, what was the purpose, and how does it actually work?

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Questions about OHW

Do you want to know more about the Old Dutch Waterline, do you have specific questions, are you looking for material for your presentation?

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